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StratGard Powersave met with very enthusiastic responses from our customer since our launch on 15th Mar.  We hope to hear from them  very soon about their experience with electrical savings using Powersave. Please contact our expanding  resellers  for your purchasing needs.

We are looking for global partners to share our technology and spread the benefits to users.


About Us

Stratbiz International has always focused on green,    eco- friendly and  sustainable products since 2010. Our journey has brought us together with technology partner Nanoveu.

Nanoveu is a technology innovators who specialises in modern, cutting-edge nanotechnology that improves the way we live, from reducing contagious transmissions on high touch points to    immersive vision-based entertainment.

With our marketing and global network alliances, our partnership will help to enhance and benefit everybody.

Our first product StratGard Powersave

A Singapore invention StratGard Powersave is patented, proven and tested to help you save your household electrical bill from 10% to 25% monthly!

Based on Hall Effect that was first discovered by Harvard physicist in 1881, our Reso Charge Modulation Effect (RCME) generates a frequency field to create a more efficient flow of electrical current, thereby minimising losses. 

Simple DIY installation on your DB box (aka ELCB), the product will start to take effect upon 4 to 8 weeks of application

StratGard Powersave provide effective savings for a period of one year from date of application. Just renew the application annually to provide peak savings for you. Please register in our website once you have installed. 



New innovations that will help your homes to be healthier, productive will be introduced once we have completed our research.


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Head Office

StratBiz International
158 Kallang Way, Performance Building,

#02-503B, Singapore 349245.
Mobile: +65 88023082
WhatsApp Business: +65 89335793


Australian Office

A Sales & Marketing Division of StratBiz International
208 Cranbourne Road
Victoria 3199 Australia.
Mobile: +61(04) 11 346 835
Local: 0411 346 835
Skype: george.p.dixon1

US Office

Promart International

Brooklyn, New York

Mobile: (347) 948-3777

Appointed Agent

Matex Holdings Pte Ltd

1003 Bukit Merah Central

#01-10, Inno Centre

Singapore 159836



Zinopi Online 

Blk 3017,#03-315, Ubi Road,

Singapore 408708


+65 92703585

THZ Terahartz International Pte Ltd
77 Circuit Rd
Singapore 370077


+65 81770198

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