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How does Powersave Work?

It is based on the Hall Effect that was first discovered by Harvard Physicist Professor Edwin Herbert in 1881. Powersave generates a frequency field to create a more efficient flow of electrical current, thereby minimizing energy loss.

What is RCME?

RCME stands for Reso Charge Modulation Effect – a patented liquid formulation that is coated on a surface (example bonded to plastic film). It generates a waveform field that can realign the electron spin in a current flow, hence minimize energy loss and improves efficiency.

How to apply Powersave?

It is a sticker that is coated with RCME materials. Clean the Distribution Board (DB) aka ELCB cover with a clean dry cloth. Remove the lining layers of the sticker and paste onto the inner side of the cover that is facing the main switches and circuit breaker. Close the DB cover to original position. Change Powersave sticker between 18 to 24months  from date of application.

How soon can I experience the power saving?

The product will take effect about 4 to 8 weeks after application onto their home DB box.

Does external magnetic device or object affect the effectiveness of the product?

No, as it is a frequency wave, it will not be affected at all.

Is there any temperature factor that can cause quality impact to the product?

As our product is use in home Distribution Box, there are no heat involved. Nor will it be affected by external environment like weather.

Any fire risks?

Nothing. There is no heat in a Distribution Box.

Is there warranty for Powersave?

Yes, one year from date of application onto the DB Box. Please register in our website once you have installed.

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