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Energy Saving for Residential

Marketed Globally by
Stratbiz International (UEN: 53168247A) (Technology Partners in Singapore)

How does Powersave work

Based on the Hall Effect that was first discovered by Harvard Physicist Professor Edwin Herbert in 1881, PowerSave generates a frequency field to create a more efficient flow of electrical current, thereby minimising energy loss.
PowerSave is able to help homeowners reduce their electrical usage and achieve electrical bill savings. The product will start to take effect upon 4 to 8 weeks after application onto their home’s Distribution Board Box aka ELCB.

Electrical Savings - 10% to 25%*

Installation of PowerSave

Treatment areas: Internal surface of the DB door panel and protective cover, switches surface.

  • The RCME waveform can penetrate up to 800mm of distance.

  • Thickness of coating is about 3 micrometre.

  • No alterations, enhancements or additions are required.

  • DB box stratgard application_edited.jpg

    RESO Charge Modulation Effect

    A formulation developed based on RCME.

    Once pasted on a surface, it generates a waveform field that can realign the electron spin in a current flow hence, minimize energy loss and improve efficiency.


    No installation. It is a sticker with RCME treatment on electrical panels and terminal boxes.
    Non-corrosive, Non-flammable, Non-toxic.
    Magnetic field will not affect the function of electrical components.


    Hotels, Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Factories, Data Centers, Cold Rooms, Office buildings, Schools, Central Kitchens, Government offices, and more.

    StratGard packaging_edited.jpg
    Power  Save  is  a sticker    coated with  RCME  materials.  
    It  has  the following effects:

    Generate Frequency Field to align electrons flow in the current.

    Suppress electromagnetic field and reduce heat.

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